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Landscope is a system for measuring tenure risk, a term we created to describe the financial risk associated with local opposition to a real asset. This kind of opposition to investments is very common across Africa, Asia and Latin America, often causing significant financial losses and operational headaches.

Over the last seven years, we have looked at over 600 cases of tenure dispute in detail to inform the development of Landscope. The system applies a new approach to analyzing geospatial data about social, environmental and political issues that is designed to help companies and investors in emerging and frontier markets to prepare a proper assessment of tenure risk at project, supply chain or portfolio level.

Landscope isn’t going to replace expert insight, and it won’t eliminate the need to invest time and money to understand the human factors that impact your assets’ performance. But it will help you to structure that process, rationalize its cost against potential losses and make your due diligence more efficient and effective.

We don’t assert that Landscope is a perfect product. And because we are releasing it for general use free of charge, we have a real interest in improving it. If you see something wrong – or even if you receive a result you just don’t agree with – we want to know right away. Email us at landscope@tmpsystems.net or use our Contact page.


The development of Landscope was supported by the Interlaken Group - a coalition of leaders from companies, investors, NGOs, government, and international organizations. The coalition’s common purpose is to promote private sector action to secure community land rights. Interlaken Group participants beta tested Landscope and we are grateful to all for their support and feedback.

The Interlaken Group is funded by UK aid from the UK government, however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK government’s official policies. The UK government aims to promote trade and investment that benefits local populations, and thereby reduce poverty. Landscope is a small part of this broader strategy and we hope it is effective.

The final reason why we can offer Landscope as a free product is because it relies on publicly available datasets. These datasets are produced by a wide range of smart organizations, and we strongly encourage you to support their work. You can learn more about these organizations and initiatives on the Sources page.



The documents below provide more detailed information about how Landscope produces its ratings, the evidence those ratings are based on, and the database of tenure disputes that have informed TMP's analysis of that evidence.

Methodology for Similarity Ratings of Tenure Risk (view in browser)     

Download file (PDF 576KB)

TMP Systems

March 2019

This document describes Landscope’s methodology for producing Tenure Risk Similarity Ratings, based on 14 environmental, social and governance indicators in a given area, which were selected on the basis of their statistical association with tenure disputes.

Statistical Evidence of Tenure Risk (view in browser)     

Download file (PDF 708KB)

TMP Systems

March 2019

This document describes statistical evidence for tenure risk that has been developed by TMP Systems, following a systematic analysis of available environmental, social and governance data.